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As you start your planning and design journey, you have a choice:

You can stay wild and seize every moment of excitement.

You can let stress build on your shoulders and steal your wonder.


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Hey, you! You must have an upcoming event you want to be incredibly special? I have a pretty wicked intuition, call it a sixth sense maybe, and I’ve been anticipating your arrival. We created this space as a landing pad especially for people like you. It's a place where you can finally find someone who just “gets it”—in a kindred spirit kind of way.

Wild in Wonder is a planning and design boutique for fun-loving souls who crave a solid plan, sound guidance, and also want to take their design aesthetic far beyond the typical mason-jars-with-tealight-candles and burlap-strewn-everywhere event design that’s just a Pinterest-click away. We’re for the ones who crave something real and genuine. Something we like to call raw chic. It’s authenticity with a luxurious edge, because sometimes it just makes perfect sense to rock that leather jacket with your pearls.

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Intimate Weddings

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What if you could experience your wedding day with the same exhilarating emotion that your guests typically would? The key to unlocking this whole new kind of “once in a lifetime” is a “Wonder Wedding”- a surprise wedding adventure that will leave you with the indescribable memories you’ve always dreamed about! Let us do the dirty work, while you get to be 100% in the moment. The stress and pressure that can surround a traditional wedding are replaced with excitement, anticipation, and pure joy, as you get to experience every amazing piece of what matters most- the story of your marriage.

A one of a kind wedding experience for the adventurers at heart

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what they had to say

“I knew what I wanted things to look like, but I had no clue how to execute on those ideas.”

“Rose turned my wedding vision into reality. I knew what I wanted things to look like but I had no clue how to execute those ideas. She directed everyone, helped set things up, knew how and where to put things in a beautiful way and thought about every little detail. She helped turn the room from a lodge into an elegant wedding venue. Rose is a creative and incredibly driven woman who can transform any gathering into more than a gathering. She will make it an incredible event to be remembered!

- Megan, past bride

Wedding Planning + Design


Brimming With Creativity, Professionalism, and a Luxury Client Experience

When you can’t find the time or just need some know-how (because no one knows how to do #allthethings) we take your scattered ideas and long-held dreams and channel them into a cohesive path forward, so you get your beautiful, over-the-top wedding without the time-burden and stress. We dive deep into learning about your quirks, obsessions, and values to create a truly unique experience that puts the real couple—the real you—on display.

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