toss out all of the "expectations"

and truly


your wedding

There’s no telling where this road leads, but it’s certain to be somewhere magic.

Forget the stress and let us craft an experience unlike any other  

Scientists say when you’re surprised your emotions intensify up to 400%, and that you feel more profound happiness or joy than you would otherwise. We want to be your guide as you go all in and reimagine the way you experience your wedding. Tell us about what’s important- your story, your dreams. From there, we’ll infuse our signature Wild in Wonder style into a full fledged journey down the hypothetical aisle. You, and those you love most, will embark on the trip of a lifetime, and all of the fun details will remain a surprise until just the right time. You’ll get to start the adventure of marriage off on absolute high without any of the unnecessary commotion that can make a traditional wedding feel “hard.”

“normal” wedding?

Don’t want to spend precious time planning a 

a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable



/ˈwəndər/     noun

an exciting or remarkable experience; “an adventure always has an element of the unknown... you're willing to go where you haven't been before and do things you've never done”



/adˈven(t)SHər,ədˈven(t)SHər/     noun

was founded from a fierce, soul shaking value of adventure. A deep seeded love of the thrill and an innate desire to explore. It is through this lens that we offer our clients, the dreamers and the daredevils a heart, the opportunity to take the plunge into a whole different kind of wedding experience. Luxury, excitement, a little laughter, and a lot of love are guaranteed.

Narrow in on how far away you want to travel, for how long, how many people your trip will include, and how much you want to invest in the adventure

how does this work?

Choose your Destiny




Work through our specially tailored questionnaire to give us all the details we’ll need to create an experience that showcases your unique love story


We’ll pull together all of the details for your whole trip, including the wedding day, and reveal them when it’s go time!


what they had to say

Rose was a joy to work with

… every detail was covered so that I could enjoy the moments.”

- Liddie, Past client

the options

Each Wonder Wedding Adventure package is customizable based on the following options:

Local - your home state
Domestic - within the United States
International - go abroad

Go the Distance
How far do you want to travel?


Straight Shot - single day wedding
Weekend Getaway - 2-4 day trip
All in One - 5-10 day wedding/”honeymoon” trip combo
**trip lengths do not include travel time

Take your Time
How long do you want to stay?


Just the Two of Us - couple only
Those that Mean the Most - couple + 2-4 friends or family
Nearest and Dearest - couple + 5-10 friends or family

Along for the Ride
Who’s coming with you?


Typically, our clients invest between $3,000 - $8,000 per person into their experience. The pricing for each adventure will be unique depending on the options you select, your style and vision, your destination, and so on. Some clients prefer to paint us a picture of their dream, and then we can price it based on the vision. Others choose to outline their financial comfort zone first, and then we craft the experience to fit. Either way we’ll oversee your budget as if it were our own, and ensure we only spend what is necessary to have the kind of experience you’ve hoped for.


Your Wedding Adventure

Our typical planning fee includes both an initial retainer and a management fee, which ranges from 15-25% depending on the scope of work. In addition, travel and/or per diem expenses are billed separately and submitted for your approval in advance. 

Our Planning Services

Each and every

Wonder Wedding Adventure

Adventure Awaits- Book Your Consult

is uniquely designed, crafted, and executed by Rose. The level of intention and personalized hands on service she pours in to each event from beginning to end is unmatched, and because of this we only allow an exclusive number of clients to book on our calendar per season. 

in case we haven't met, i'm

I believe every wedding is a chance for us to showcase what we do best, seamlessly blending luxury and adventure in a way that really makes a statement. We’re fun loving free spirits here to help you get the most out of the moments that mean the most.

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frequently asked questions

01. What about all of our family and friends?
Our Wonder Wedding packages give you the option to choose whether you’d like a super romantic one on one experience for just the couple, to add in a small group of 2-4 of those who mean the most, or to plan an intimate experience for 5-10 of your nearest and dearest. This type of adventure is designed to be kept small, to encourage those involved to be totally present and connected. We believe that just because you pack 200 people into the same room, doesn’t mean you necessarily get to “share” much more than a quick hello with them. Worried about your clan “missing out” on your wedding? Trust us, you’ll have one hell of a story to tell when you get back! We can help you plan some creative ways to get together and share the experience with everyone who’s special to you later on.

02. Will the Wild in Wonder team be along for the ride to ensure all goes according to plan?
Absolutely! This is not one of those reality shows where we drop you off in the middle of the mountains with a list of instructions, wish you the best of luck, and watch you fend for yourselves. Our team will a part of the journey from beginning to end, ensuring you have the time of your life and that everything is magic.

03. Will I still get wedding pictures/video to document our day?
Of course, that’s one of the best parts! We have an extensive network of photography and videography professionals that specialize in documenting these unique kinds of weddings. Due to the nature of the experience, you’ll end up with not only pictures of the wedding itself, but memories of the entire once in a lifetime adventure.

04. What if we have special traditions, religious beliefs, or other elements of our wedding that are important to us?
Anything that is important to you is important to us. Want to carry grandma’s handkerchief with you down the aisle? Need to incorporate a specific religious practice into your ceremony? Dreamed of your brother being the one to officiate your vows? We’ll spend a lot of time getting to know you, so that what’s really important shines through on your day. 

05. Can we pick our destination/decor/etc.?
Wonder Weddings are designed to make the most of the elements of adventure and surprise. The whole experience won’t have the same wow factor if you start to get bogged down in the little details. It’s for that reason that we take our surprises VERY SERIOUSLY! We promise to learn all we can about your taste, vision, travel preferences, and style in order to pick a location, vendors, decor, etc. we believe in wholeheartedly. If you let go and embrace this once in a lifetime experience, we know you’ll have a blast no matter what!! That being said- we will be pulling you in for a few critical pieces along the way, such as what you wear to your ceremony, your vows, etc.

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