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best party

Have you ever heard...

People say that about the experiences we create.

And we don’t say that to say, “look at us! we’re so great!” We say that to say, when it comes to your wedding, we help you make every single person feel more cared for, anticipated, and surprised than ever before. We help you give them the time of their lives.

We help you give them the time of their lives.

Because even though you want to have a beautiful and meaningful wedding that reflects who you are, you also want it to be over-the-top fun, right? You absolutely want it to be the best party of the year, because as much as this day is your day, you want everyone else to have a blast too.

Planning and designing a wedding is two-fold. You want the end result to be a party for the books with an ambiance that elicits all the feels and goosebumps. But, you also want the process of planning and the day itself to go super seamless and run mega-efficiently.

Plus, you want to make sure you’re hiring killer vendors who are dependable and experienced. And you’re gonna need help with all of that, because life and love don’t stop just because you have to plan a wedding. And you still want to have time for date nights, hobbies, friends, and general sanity during your engagement, right?

We're here to help you take all of those swirling ideas about what this day should feel like, look like, and mean to you and your loved ones, and turn them in to something not only real, but remarkable!


and actually love the Process of Planning Your Wedding

Because life doesn’t come with “undo” and “redo” arrows.

Check out all of the details below to see if your one of our own:

What Does it mean to be wild in Wonder Couple?

Full-Service Wedding Planning, but better

Essentially, when you book us, we're 100% on your team from beginning to end. What services are included? The straight forward answer is anything and everything you need to piece together a wedding that is even better than you've hoped for. If you're the kind of person that likes to see an old fashion list, below are examples of tasks we typically handle.

The Nitty Gritty

Services we provide:

Planning Checklist Execution, including regular check-ins for updates on the planning progress, budgeting, action items, etc.
Event Design so that you can tap into our expertise to elevate your vision and bring it to life
Budget Management so that you have a realistic spending plan including specific categorized breakdowns and actuals to stay on track
Timeline Creation and Coordination to set the timing, flow, and tone for all of the amazing memories
Vendor Sourcing and Management because when it comes to your wedding, having exceptional vendors makes all the difference
Guest Management because all of your out of town guests should have the best experience possible and you shouldn’t have to wrangle them all
Pre & Post Event Planning because they set the tone for a next level wedding
Day-of Execution so you or your loved ones don’t have to do anything other than be fully present, take in every special moment, and experience the magic 
Contact because how much help would we be if you couldn’t get in touch with us?

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The Financials

What will your investment be?

What will all of this cost? We treat each client's budget as it if were our own, and take personal responsibility for guiding you to make decisions that will align with your priorities and overall vision.

Our team only works with a select number of clients each year, and each of those weddings are personally managed and designed by Rose. You're in it together from beginning to end. This retainer fee guarantees your spot on our calendar, and locks Rose in as your planner.

Design Process

Our approach to each project

We believe innovative and authentic design is at the core of every truly impactful wedding memory. From the second your guests arrive, what they will see, hear, taste, smell, feel... all of it matters.

Once we've got a really solid understanding who you are as people, and what you want the design behind your wedding to accomplish, that's where the dreaming starts. Together we'll piece together every detail, ensuring that each one adds to the whole in way that is not only beautiful, but impactful. I'll consider every aspect of how your guests will interact with each and every touch point to create something that is truly your own kind of magic.

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planning investment

all In your feelings

Retainer Fee

wedding scope of work

This fee will apply to the overall cost of your wedding.

Management Fee

What does it take to create the kind of magic we do? The overall cost of a Wild in Wonder wedding has varied wildly for clients in the past, based on their financial comfort zone. However, creating experiences at the level we're known for typically requires a minimum investment of $600 per person. Each concept is personally curated to highlight your priorities and tell your unique story.

A sensory Experience

Rose will start by asking the important questions- How do you want to FEEL on your wedding day? What do you want guest to remember long after the night is over? What do you want their experience to be like? Your answers to these questions will be the foundation will build everything else on.

Setting it Apart

If we had to sum up the "thing" that takes any gorgeous design and turns it in to a real "Wild in Wonder" experience, we'd say its the element of surprise. Once the overall concept is pieced together, we'll start weaving in moments for both you and your guests that will solidify the memories you've dreamt of making. What will be the things that light up everyone's faces, the things that catch them off guard? What are the things they'll remember long after the moment has passed? We'll create those high points together!

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what they had to say

“Everything about my day ran perfectly smooth!”

“Rose was our wedding planner for our wedding in January 2019, and she was the best decision we made! She went above and beyond the call of duty! She made our day go off without a hitch!! Everything about my day ran perfectly smooth because we had Rose! We couldn't have pulled off our event without her!”

- Kaelynn, Past Bride

in case we haven't met, i'm

In case we haven’t met yet—I’m Rose, the founder and lead creative at Wild in Wonder. We’re a unique luxury event planning and design company that creates next-level experiences for fun-loving free spirits who want to get the most out of the special moments in their lives. I love what I do and we would be delighted to learn more about you.

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