That Cool Thing You’re Dreaming Up in Your Head

Can Totally Come Together in a

killer way

when it comes to planning and designing

weddings and events

you can either experience a really killer celebration you’ll remember for years to come, or killer stress and chaos you’ll also remember for years to come.


Here we go again with our "sixth sense"

But we know which one you’re going to choose. And we know which one we want for you.

It is absolutely possible to turn your vision into a reality with an ease you never imagined. We have that “can do” attitude and want you to dream big.  It's kind of like we're one of those motivational speakers on a stage- jumping around like a nutcase in front of thousands of people- yelling “reach for the stars!” but minus the cheesy vibe.

If your event is those proverbial stars, we’ll reach it.

Hey there! We’re Wild in Wonder. We help people take things they don’t think they can accomplish on their own and make them happen. Or to say it short and sweet, we take the impossible and make it possible. Easy, right? We like to add  a little something “extra” to people's lives, and we do that by planning and designing beautiful weddings and events that truly light up their world.

Status Quo

We Don’t Believe in the

But We Do Believe All the 
and Fun in the World is At Your Fingertips


But We Do Believe All the 

and Fun in the World is At Your Fingertips

When Missions Have Wings

We’re wild about creating moments that dreams are made of.
We’re wild about creating spaces that feed the soul.
We’re wild about infusing adventure, exploration, and pushing the boundaries of possibility.
We’re wild about helping you be completely present, full of wonder in your spirit and peace in your mind. We’re wild about old souls and young hearts.
We’re wild about the dreamers and the daredevils-­ the ones who are challenged to boldly bring their visions to life.
We’re wild about spreading “faith, trust, and a little pixie dust” with true authenticity.
We’re here to level up your next event or design project and leave you “Wild in Wonder.”

The real dreamer, schemer, and creative flying us to Neverland is rose AND WE THINK YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE HER AS SOON AS YOU MEET HER.

the founder + lead creative

Hi there, I'm Rose, I'm the one with the Pixie Dust and Magic in my pocket when it comes to event planning and design. I love that living out this dream of mine allows me to tap into my passion and creativity. I use that as fuel to help you to feel seen and special because... that's the kind of work that sets my soul on fire.

Wild in Wonder is more than just an event planning company to me, it’s a passion project. I believe that through each special moment in someone’s life, I have a unique opportunity to use my hands and talents to help you create memories that last a lifetime. 

I studied art, interior design, journalism, and social science prior to achieving my event planning certification and founding Wild in Wonder. We’ve helped countless clients throw some pretty amazing parties (if I do say so myself!) and have built a robust network of vetted suppliers and vendors that benefit everyone we work with.



When you hire us to plan your wedding or event,

we don’t take it lightly, even though we like to keep things light-hearted.

We help you seek out all of the cool, fun, and beautiful things in the world and experience them with your guests. We also help you make really savvy decisions when it comes to choosing a venue, hiring suppliers, and negotiating contracts, because life’s not all play and no work, right?

what they had to say

“If you want to have a really special event, Rose will make it happen for you!”

- Johnna, Mother of Past Bride

that you just found your soul-sister,

if you feel in your gut

take me to the contact page!

We’d love to learn more about what’s going on in your life and how we can help you plan and design it. Hit us up via the contact page.

A Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse of

our founder rose

Positivity, laughter, a little magic, and a commitment to giving back.

in a Poem-Like Nutshell

Dreamer. Schemer. Creative.

Adventure and champagne are always a "yes"

Fun FAct- Mrs. New Mexico United States in 2017.

Swam with stingrays.

Obsession with all things Halloween.

Visited far away Countries.

he got a thimble tattoo and she has an acorn

It’s Their reminder to stay young at Heart.

Husband proposed while bungee jumping.

Kayaked in the Milford Sound.

Got married and got tattoos.

In the story of Peter Pan, Peter gave Wendy an acorn; Wendy gave Peter a thimble.
They exchanged these symbols as "kisses" in youthful innocence.

Believes Disneyland really is “the happiest place on earth.”

Ran the Pikes Peak Ascent.

do you think I'm the one for you?

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We’d love to learn more about what’s going on in your life and how we can help you plan and design it. Hit us up via the contact page.